Long have I admired the beauty and taste of a good pina colada, and through my adventures I have discovered both wonderous, and also disastrous pinas. To help other pinas admirers, I have created this handy blog, giving my very own rating of pina coladas in various locations. The journey begins in Frankfurt...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Trinkhalle, a super-cool cosy bar, that's very dark and atmospheric, and even has a fireplace! I have attended many leaving parties here before, and was always greatly impressed by their white russians (my fave ever, in fact) One thing I will say - they allow smoking indoors (quite rare in most German bars these days) and I DO NOT LIKE that at all. 0/5! However....since it's so lovely there, I shall forgive it...for now.
So, on to the pinas review!

Trinkhalle - 7 euros

Appearance - 4/5 - Unique! A different shaped glass from the norm. There were 2 large thin slices of pineapple, bound by a stick, complemented with a sophisticated black straw. Classy! It was also filled to brim, with a thick foamy layer on top - I approve.

Taste - 4.5/5 - Oooh yes, wondrous! A great blend of pineapple and cream, and was also nice and chilled. Even better, it tasted nicer the more I drank of it, how brilliant is that? Not quite a 5, only due to a slightly odd aftertaste...pity.

Texture - 5/5 - Yes! The magic 5! Finally! I'm certain more exist, but this is a first for the pinas blog. :) It's thick and smooth, despite the ice content - they perfected keeping the drink thickness, without getting watered down, I was most impressed.

Finish - 4/5 - Very nice - it went down smoothly. There was just an ever so slight bitterness at the end, that made me frown with annoyance. I actually drank it so fast that I was left with a heap of ice...and bitter disappointment that it was all over when it had only just begun.

Overall - 4/5 - Almost, *almost* a 5!

But please, Trinkhalle, banish the indoor smoking and too-loud music, it does you no favours.

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