Long have I admired the beauty and taste of a good pina colada, and through my adventures I have discovered both wonderous, and also disastrous pinas. To help other pinas admirers, I have created this handy blog, giving my very own rating of pina coladas in various locations. The journey begins in Frankfurt...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cafe Klatsch

Cafe Klatsch - a beautiful little place, with a friendly atmosphere and strange decor (good strange, mind you, not weirdo strange) Great place for a chat and to eat some tasty food - buuuut...how does it's pina coladas fare?

Cafe Klatsch - 4.90 euros happy hour, 6.90 normally

Appearance - 3/5 - The glass is fitting for such a fine drink, and large too...just how I like it. ;) There's coconut flakes sprinkled along the surface of the drink, selling the coconut aspect of a pina (which leads to its slight downfall..more on this in a moment) There was a slice of  orange perched on the rim of the glass. Somehow...I do not like this. An orange has no business in a pina colada.

Taste - 3.5/5 - The sharp tangy pineapple taste hits you immediately, almost confusing you into believing it's not alcoholic. (A Deceiver!) Very very sweet, but this is a good thing in my book. (Well, at least for this particular one)

Texture - 2/5 - Thick and creamy to start with - like a dream pina! However...due to the coconut flakes that so sweetly rested atop the drink, they soon sank into the lower levers of the drink, giving it a slight grainy texture, leading to an actual coughing fit. Unacceptable! The coconut really is a nice touch, but it betrayed the drink in the end.

Finish - 3/5 - Adequate - not much of an aftertaste (can be a good thing), but left me slightly thirsty (not a good thing).

Overall - 3/5 - A solid rating, well done Cafe Klatsch. :)

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