Long have I admired the beauty and taste of a good pina colada, and through my adventures I have discovered both wonderous, and also disastrous pinas. To help other pinas admirers, I have created this handy blog, giving my very own rating of pina coladas in various locations. The journey begins in Frankfurt...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Casablanca - A mysterious place! Located a few stops away from Messe/the main station, in a giant courtyard surrounded by apartments, and not at all like the 'posh' bars of Bankfurt. I liked the atmosphere of this place (once we got to sit inside...) Beforehand, it was so busy we had to sit outside on big benches (it was freezing) which, it's fair to say, might have influenced this review somewhat. There's a cosy, 'local' feel to this place and a nice atmosphere; if only I could be so positive about it's pinas....

Casablanca - 4.50 euros in happy hour, 6.50 normally.

Appearance - 1/5 - ....What is this? Seriously - where is the effort and love that should be put into crafting a fine pina colada? This was the most unimpressive looking pinas I have seen in awhile. A foamy surface, akin to the scum that collects at the edges of rivers, finished with a sickly yellow colour.

Taste - 2.5/5 - Something tastes unnatural. There's an odd bitterness...It's by no means really bad, but not great either. I found it slightly hard to drink = bad.

Texture - 3/5 - Fairly ok actually - the first good mark! But...a bit thin due to the high percentage of ice. A common flaw, it seems.

Finish - 2/5 - Again, the unnatural flavour didn't depart after the sip. I think it was possibly the cream that was odd somehow. It also left me wanting to cough (Cafe Klatsch, all over again!) A fitting uncomfortable end to a below average pinas.

Overall - 2/5 - I couldn't finish the drink, I'm afraid. Maybe because my fingers were so cold from sitting outside that I could scarcely hold the glass? Who knows. I feel bad being so negative with this, as I actually really like the bar/cafe itself, and will certainly return for the Krusovice dark beer! Just no more pina coladas. ;)

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