Long have I admired the beauty and taste of a good pina colada, and through my adventures I have discovered both wonderous, and also disastrous pinas. To help other pinas admirers, I have created this handy blog, giving my very own rating of pina coladas in various locations. The journey begins in Frankfurt...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman - what an odd name for a place! I had always assumed this place was just a bar, and it is, but it turns out it's also a thai restaurant too! Important note - the menu has a section devoted to coladas! The bar area is very snazzy, and features one of the longest aquariums I've ever seen - very hypnotising too. So, onwards to the review...

Eat Drink Man Woman - 7.50 euros.

Appearance - 4.5/5 - Heart shaped pineapple chunk? A bar of chocolate resting on top?? I felt like I was sampling a pinas that had been plucked from my dreams! It's a refreshing form of presentation though - in the classic glass shape too, and great, after the recent bout of Ikea style glasses I have had to deal with. It took me awhile (due to gawking at the novelty) to realise half the glass was filled with foam...

Taste - 4/5 - I know I complain of pinas that taste too pineappley, but this could have done with more. I found it to be a 'grower'; was unsure at first how I felt on this...and then it blossomed into a beautiful flavour! A friend informed me the rum used was Malibu - well done Malibu, your contribution was much welcomed. There was a caramel taste to it, so nice.

Texture - 3.5/5 - Well, the foam was thick and lovely (reminded me so much of my mum's homemade pina coladas, back when I was 10...) but underneath it, it was very watery. I liked that there were no land mass sized chucks of ice bobbing in it though.

Finish - 4/5 - Lovely, smooth, and with a slight caramel aftertaste. Completely inoffensive. :)

Overall - 4/5 - A strange and unusual pinas from recent reviews, but well worth another visit! (Worth noting, that it took roughly 10-15 minutes for the drink to arrive, AND it arrived after the food had been served - don't you just *hate* that? : | Thankfully, it was worth the wait, so my feelings of rage subsided. :)

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